Kidz class starts at after worship service each Sunday and engages children (ages 3-11) in a fun learning experience.  Each Sunday we’ll present the truths of the bible via puppet, drama, music, crafts, games, lessons and more.  Bring your children, invite a friend and get ready for a fun new adventure as we investigate the truth!  —-  Kingdom Kidz – starts after worship service 
(Nursery available for ages 0-2)

Our Leaders

  • Brittney D.,  Shaunne,  Deni,  Casey C.,  Alysson,  Karen & John
  • HELPERS: Kaitlyn P,   Marly,  Heighden, Kaitlyn H. and Na’Kiyah
 – GLOW EGG HUNT ON 9th after service in youth building – 
SCHEDULE  March – Glad Scientists
  26 – Karen/John/Kaitlyn P.: Acts 2:42-47 – Living for Jesus (12)
 SCHEDULE  April – What’s In Your Basket
  2nd – Deni/Marley: (Jelly Beans) Mark 11:1-10 Jesus Rides into Jerusalem 
  9th – Easter: ALL in Youth Building -Glow Egg Hunt after service
                          Lesson: Karen
                          Craft:  Brittney
                          Snack:  Shaunne
                          Glow Egg helper in Youth building: Teens/Shaunne/Deni/Alysson
                          Pass out gift bags at the end:  Alysson & Deni
  16th – Alysson: (Peanut Butter Eggs) Matthew 21:12-16, Jesus at the Temple
  23rd – Shaunne: (Peeps) Luke 23:32-43, the Crucifixion
  30th – Brittney: (Chocolate Bunny) John 20-1-18, The Empty Tomb
  7th – Karen/John: (Incompatible)  Galatians 5:13-18, 22-26, Live by the Spirit
  14th – Deni:(Multi-Player Mode) Genesis 2:15-24 God Makes Eve
 21st – Alysson:(Cheat Codes) Exodus 2:11-25, Moses kills the Egyptian
  28th – Shaunne:(Game Over) John 14:1-17, Jesus prepares a place for us
SCHEDULE  June – At The Beach
 4th – Brittney: (Tidal Wave) Ephesians 4:1-16, One Body in Christ
 11th – Karen/John: (Bask in the Sun) Philippians 2:1-11, Jesus Comes
 18th – Deni/Casey: (Surf’s Up) Matthew 14:22-33, Peter Walks on Water
 25th – Alysson: (SPF 45) 1 Corinthians 10:1-13, Warnings about Sin
SCHEDULE  July – At The Beach
  2nd – Shaunne: (Like a Hurricane) Mark 4:35-41, Jesus Calms the Storm
  9th – Brittney: (Chillax) Exodus 20:8-10, The Sabbath and Rest
  16th – Karen/John: (Sandcastles) Matthew 7:24-27, House on the Rock
  23rd – Deni/Casey: (Don’t Forget the Towel) Acts 1:1-10, 2:1-13 Waiting for the Holy Spirit
  30th – Shaunne: GAME DAY