Kidz class starts at after worship service each Sunday and engages children (ages 3-11) in a fun learning experience.  Each Sunday we’ll present the truths of the bible via puppet, drama, music, crafts, games, lessons and more.  Bring your children, invite a friend and get ready for a fun new adventure as we investigate the truth!  —-  Kingdom Kidz – starts after worship service  —–
(Nursery available for ages 0-2)

Our Leaders

  • Brittney Dodd, Shaunne Norwood, Karen and John Bradford
  • HELPERS: Kaitlyn  Marly,  Heighden and Na’Kiyah
  29th – Shaunnew/w/Casey– TOOTSIE POPS – Center/Heart-  1 Samuel 16 [helpers: Marly/Na’Kiyah]
SCHEDULE  June – Summer Kidz Club (SHINING LIGHT)
  5th- Brittney – (Matthew 5:16) [helpers: Heighden/Kaitlyn]
  12th – Karen and John – (John 1: 6-9) [helpers: Marly/Na’Kiyah]
  19th-  Shaunne  – (FATHER’S DAY) [helpers: Heighden/Kaitlyn]
  26th – Brittney – (Matthew 5:14) [helpers: Marly/Na’Kiyah]
SCHEDULE  July – Summer Kidz Club 
  3rd – Karen and John [helpers: Heighden/Kaitlyn]
  10th-  Shaunne [helpers: Marly/Na’Kiyah]
  17th – Brittney [helpers: Heighden/Kaitlyn]
  24th – Karen and John [helpers: Marly/Na’Kiyah]
  31st –  Shaunne [helpers: Heighden/Kaitlyn]