Our Mission, Purpose, Vision & Values

o impact and change our generation with the reality of Jesus Christ and His finished work.


We exist to glorify God by developing committed followers of Jesus Christ who attract others to Him.



  • Challenging Limiting Mindsets : We see a strong rural church that is outward in focus, celebratory and contemporary in nature, committed to excellence and the challenging of limiting mindsets.
  • Reaching our Community:  We see a church actively reaching our community, with the gospel of Jesus Christ through care, genuine relationships, example and declaration.
  • United as a Team:  We see this church as a healthy family, united as a team of individuals, who are determined to fulfill the purposes of God.
  • Kingdom Minded:  We see a kingdom minded church that is leading by example and is dedicated to establishing and investing into like-spirited ministries.



  • People (Jn. 3:16):  People are more important than what they do or material possessions.
  • Relationships (1Cor. 13; John 13:34-35):  Relate effectively and lovingly with God, one another and the unchurched.
  • Growth (Col. 2:19):  Grow in our relationship with God, family and one another, which will produce growth in the Kingdom.
  • Faithfulness:  Faithfully keep our commitments to God, family and the community of faith.
  • Service (Matt. 20:28 TLB):  It is more important to serve than to be served, thus we desire to serve with our God given gifts.
  • Fellowship:  Partnering with one another for the advancement of the Gospel and the building of His Kingdom.
  • Stewardship (2Cor. 8:5 GNB):  Support the work of the Kingdom with the first fruits of our time, talent and treasures.
  • Authenticity (Eph. 4:25-26, 32; Heb. 12:1; Philippians 1:6): As followers of Christ we should manifest authenticity in our presentation of Christ and in our personal lives.